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Coalition under increasing pressure to lift the ban blocking 9,000 Australians, including 650 who are considered vulnerable, from returning home. Follow latest updates

11.01pm BST Gosh, government ministers have become a broken record on this India situation. It’s starting to feel like it doesn’t matter what question they are asked their answers are all some variation of the following. Andrews: We are doing all that we can to support the Indian – India as a nation and also Australians who are in India. But it’s a balance of making sure that we are protecting all of the Australians who are here now. We have done so well in making sure that Australians are safe and secure and that’s a big credit to all Australians. What this government is not going to do is put Australians at risk. We will look to reopen as soon as we can. We are working on that every single day. This is a temporary pause and we will do our best to get those vulnerable Australians home as quickly as we can. 10.57pm BST Well, that sounded a little bit extremely harsh from Karen Andrews, but I’m sure it was just a slip of the tongue, right? I’m sure she doesn’t double down. Wrong. Would I like to see the sanction applied? Clearly not. The best way for that not to happen, as I’ve just said, is for people not to get on those planes. We have a significant issue that we have to deal with, to protect Australians who are here now to make sure that they aren’t exposed to Covid. Continue reading…source

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